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Drug Crimes

Denton Drug Defense Attorney — Defending You from Collateral Damage

Texas is a line-in-the-sand state in the “War on Drugs”

In Texas, we have a front-row seat to law enforcement efforts to clamp down on the illegal drug trade. And at Buchanan and Meyer Attorneys, we know exactly how hard prosecutors fight for convictions. Luckily for our clients, our drug defense attorneys in Tarrant and Denton Counties fight even harder to protect their freedom.

If you look at Texas arrest statistics, you will find that arrests for drug-related crimes outnumber those for any other crime. While some attorneys may be quick to suggest a plea deal, it is essential that you consider all of the consequences first. Even a conviction for possessing a small amount of marijuana may cost you your driving privileges for one year and make you ineligible for student loans.

If you have been arrested for any drug crime in Texas, other than for possessing less than four ounces of marijuana, you are probably facing a felony charge. These are extremely serious charges that can carry steep fines and prison time. Drug defense cases we handle include:

  • Drug possession (illegal or prescription)
  • Manufacturing drugs (such as meth labs)
  • Importing drugs
  • Delivering or distributing drugs

Grounds for fighting drug charges

At Buchanan and Meyer Attorneys, we thoroughly examine every aspect of your case for grounds on which to fight the charges and completely clear your name. We have decades of trial experience fighting and winning cases. And we are frequently successful in having evidence suppressed. Grounds on which we fight drug charges include:

  • Unconstitutional stop by authorities
  • Improper search warrant
  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Lack of a positive link between you and the drug

What to expect in a drug trial

If charges are filed against you, your case may be held in either a state or federal court, depending on the charges, court policies and court resources. At Buchanan and Meyer Attorneys, we are prepared to fight the charges in any court.

When you need a strong champion for your Denton drug defense

If you have been charged with a drug crime, it is essential that you talk to an aggressive drug defense lawyer immediately. For a free initial consultation with our Denton or Tarrant County drug defense attorneys, contact us online or call us at 940-312-6748.

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