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Deciding to end a marriage is never easy. And the process of dividing one family into two is complicated and often painful. But at Buchanan and Meyer Attorneys, we guide you through the process and aggressively defend your rights at every stage.

Understanding the types of divorce in Texas

Texas allows for both “no-fault” divorce and divorce for grounds. Many choose the no-fault path because it is simpler. However, the court may take fault into account when it determines asset division. While Texas is a community property state, the court has the leeway to divide assets in a manner that is “just and right.” So talk with a knowledgeable Denton divorce attorney before moving forward.

Understanding the Texas divorce process

The divorce process begins when you or your spouse files a petition for divorce. It proposes terms and may request temporary orders for spousal support and child custody. From that point, the process includes:

  • Discovery period: Both sides work to identify marital assets and debts.
  • Negotiations: You, your spouse and your attorneys hammer out terms (the court may also order mediation or arbitration).
  • Trial or settlement: If both sides agree on terms, they are submitted to the court. If there are issues on which you cannot agree, then your attorneys will argue the two sides before a judge.

Understanding spousal support in Texas

Spousal support (alimony and spousal maintenance) is generally only considered for marriages that lasted longer than ten years. It is only provided for three years, unless one spouse is unable to provide for her- or himself. The court considers a number of factors in determining the amount, timing and duration of support, including:

  • Financial resources of each
  • Education and job skills of each
  • Length of marriage
  • Age, employment history, earning ability and health of the spouse seeking support
  • Contributions by one spouse to the education or earning capacity of the other
  • Contributions of a spouse as a homemaker

When you need a strong champion to argue on spousal support, custody and asset division in a Denton divorce

At Buchanan and Meyer Attorneys, we understand how difficult this time may be for you, and we are here to protect your best interests. For a free initial consultation with an experienced Denton divorce lawyer, contact us online or call us at 940-312-6748.

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